Success has many pillars, and the strongest was and remains, the unfaltering bond to South-Africa’s local communities and exceptional standards of artisan quality.

The amusement of giving form to raw materials transpires from the Wild West coast, to the streets of the city bowl, to the lesser known flair of the Northern Suburbs.  

Drawing inspiration wide and far, and sourcing components as far as the South coast of Africa.  Depending on the requirements of each individual piece, a sequenced sense of togetherness is fostered in, the mash-up of the Western Cape’s local jam.

“I often muse about materials and concepts for a long time before bringing it into form. My creativity has its own process and is not bound by normal timeframes, patience is key, ​some of my artworks has taken 3 years to unfurl.”

Salomé Jacobs

At the helm of the circus

A day at the Vestibull studio looks a lot like being an acrobatic juggler, working on artworks, designing & conceptualisation fused with managing production, materials and artisans all balancing to give life to Vestibull’s creative body of work.