Welcome to my work of Heart

From guts & guns to mystique & magic. Rooted in the intrigue of ‘vestibule’ the opening of a cavity or space, ‘Vestibull” is the self made brainwave of Visual artist, Salome´ Jacobs.

Finding its purpose in the individual’s search for personal expression, resonance and comfort.  Brought to life by the artist’s love for garments (vesti) and allusively powered by the strength and punch of the bull.  Through her alter ego tag name Vestibull she creates pockets of joy.

Swaziland Bushfire Festival

Blindly trusting creativity, carried by excitement a course was set.  Established in 2008, Vestibull found its essence in a local music festival’s market.  What was introduced as a leap of faith, comprising of approximately 8 different T-shirts designs, mushroomed with each customer’s fascination, conversation and ultimately smiles of delight.  Before long the positivity drew Vestibull’s imaginative designs to local retailers weaving its own destiny.  Eventually opening a Vestibull gallery shop in 2014 at The Watershed, V&A Waterfront – CPT.

“South-Africa, nature and humanity serve as my muse the majestic landscape and unique heritage enchant me. Forever thank you to those who share in my visual bewilderment.”

Salomé Jacobs