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​Some leather shoes need special care from time to time. Clients can wear vellies ‘as is’ and they will age well into a vintage worn-in look or use leather Spray protectors, leather food and shoe shampoo.

Vellies will comfortably shape to the contours of your foot as you break them in. 

Protection is better than cleaning we highly recommend a versatile protection spray as Suede and Nubuck leather can stain from oil and extreme dirt.  Regularly treating vellies with a protective spray that will repel water and stains can prolong wear (spray can be used every few months). 

If vellies have artwork on suede leather, take care not to soil suede with polish, only use spray protector on this area.  We recommend to avoid or minimise scrubbing and cleaning of artworks.  If they do get dirty test a small area before doing whole shoe.  Use a soft bristle brush.

Alternatively clients can also email us for advice:

Vestibull Vellies makes use of suede, leather (smooth finish), or Nubuck leather (top-grain cattle leather that has been sanded or buffed).  

Identify your leather and use appropriate protection recommendations:

Care products can be found at most Supermarkets in the shoe care sections. 

Large Pick and Pay Supermarkets often have the Plush shoe care range

The Meltonian range is also very good.  Look for the cleaning mouse and spray protector in this brand

Suede/Nubuck leather
Clean with a soft bristle brush and treat with a
protector spray:
this will repel water, oil and stains.  

Shoe shampoo can also be used for deep cleans.  NB:  leather needs to dry naturally don’t place it near a fire.

Protect with waterproof leather conditioner or beeswax polish/oil.

Wipe Leather and Nubuck vellies with a lightly damp cloth using lukewarm water and a mild soap/shoe shampoo.

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